Christmas is here! In a few short days, friends and families will come together to exchange gifts and eat more than their fill of a good hearty meal. Having partaken in the usual festivities, I imagine most might then retire to a couch and fall into an uneasy slumber in front the selection of films the BBC have elected to broadcast. This, at least in my experience, is how most Christmases unfold. For the most part, I am very fond of the whole affair, as it tends to bring people closer together for a short time (though I often suspect some are there only for the sake of custom and keeping up appearances). With all this in mind, I’d like to take this chance to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2015 and Beyond

Now; that’s that out of the way. You see, I’m not really here to talk about Christmas, but to inform readers of this blog and those who enjoy my art about my plans for the new year of 2015 AD. I’ve had a considerable number of enquiries from people who would like to acquire prints, of particular pieces that I’ve drawn and painted. So I thought the best way to address these enquiries would be to outline how I plan to handle the whole business, here on my site.

Prints of my work will indeed be available for purchase, starting some time in January. I will be focusing on getting high quality prints made of the pieces that have received the most attention. At least to begin with. Those pieces will then be made available for purchase from my (currently empty) Etsy site. They will be shipped out to customers in poster tubes, with the prints carefully wrapped in tissue paper, along with a hand written thank you note.

I won’t just be selling prints, though. I plan to make original pieces of artwork available. These will come in various sizes, though most will likely be more towards the larger end of the spectrum (I plan to do a lot of poster designs in A1 or even A0, for example). These original pieces will be quite expensive, I expect, due to the one-off nature of the work. I will also be available for commissioned original work, such as portraits or anything you might like a painting or drawing of. Prices for commissioned work will be worked out on a client by client basis, as there are a large number of variables involved in the work (so get in touch if you’d like some work doing).

I will also be investigating a gift shop of sorts, with things like shirts, mugs and phone covers with my work printed on it.

Hopefully this covers all the enquiries that people might have, regarding the sale of my work. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact form on this site.

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