I decided to record a Franz Ferdinand cover when I heard their new song, “Right Action.” I’ve always been a big Franz Ferdinand fan and I thought the video for “Right Action” was fantastic, everything about it just encapsulated their style. I thought this would be the perfect chance for an exercise in re-arrangement.

A Franz Ferdinand Cover

Franz Ferdinand Cover
Franz Ferdinand’s fourth album is out in August!

“Right Action” seems to hark back to the style that Franz Ferdinand carved out for themselves back in 2004 with songs like “Take Me Out” and “This Fire.” I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that a cover song should have it’s own sound and style and offer the listener a new approach to a piece of music.

Therefore, I was determined to make my Franz Ferdinand cover not just a clone of the original song. To achieve this I altered the rhythm somewhat, shifting it into a triplet feel. I also shifted the focus of the arrangement away from loud angular guitars and towards more of a breezy percussive style. In addition to this I altered the melody slightly in the bridge and added harmonies to the chorus.

I must admit that initially I had problems coming up with a new feel for this song. Franz Ferdinand have a very distinctive angular style, meaning that their songs tend to be constructed around blues riffs that lend themselves to a particular sound. This causes a problem when trying to come up with a different sound for a Franz Ferdinand cover. In the end it was changing the rhythm entirely that allowed me to imagine a totally different feel for this track.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action¬†is released on Domino Records on August 26th, 2013. Here’s the group’s video for “Right Action.”

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