As a Legend of Zelda fan who enjoys drawing, I’d never actually done many Zelda drawings, and I’d never made a speed art video. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do a Zelda speed art video. I’d always had this idea for a Zelda poster with Link standing on some high cliff, looking out across Hyrule field towards the castle.  So I used that as a basic starting point, planned out a basic composition, and got to work.

Like most of my artwork, I began with a pencil drawing on grey background, for later airbrushing and shading. Once the drawing was done, I began applying some colour. I like to build up the colour using a multiply airbrush effect, so that the drawing gets darker and darker. This way, when I come back later with light coloured pencil, it creates some nice contrast. I tend to use a pencil style brush with light colours around outlines or edges of things. This helps to outline different elements or indicate light sources.

One thing I did notice about recording the whole process as a speed art video, is that it does distract me quite a bit. Having the screen recorder running, while drawing and painting, almost made me second guess some of the choices I was making. Although this was just my first time doing it, so maybe it’s something I can get used to.

Zelda Speed Art -The Finished Piece

I am very pleased with the final image and will likely make it available for sale, as a limited edition print on Etsy.

Zelda Poster

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