Glyder Fach

Glyder Fach sunset! This was an image I had been planning to photograph for quite some time. This formation of rocks at the summit of Glyder Fach, in Snowdonia National Park, can catch some nice warm light at Sunset. I had simply been waiting for the ideal weather to line up with a free day for me to make the hike to the summit. This was a particularly hot April afternoon, and the hike to the top, carrying all my camera equipment was gruelling, but worthwhile. I found the scene just as I had envisioned it in perfect conditions. I framed up a composition with a 50mm focal length, centred on the rocks and waited while the Sun sunk low onto the horizon, washing warm red light over the scene.

I’m very pleased with this image as it all came together much as I had planned. I knew the location, knew how the Sun would strike the scene as it was setting, and conditions were perfect. I arrived in plenty of time to set up the shot and sit calmly and patiently wait for the perfect moment to fire off the shutter. There’s a clear isolated subject, ideal light and calm conditions. This is the kind of image I like to photograph, as it’s very calm and still.

Moving forward I hope to find more scenes that focus in on a clearly defined subject like this. I find a 50mm focal length ideal for this, as it feels closer to how we view things with our own eyes, as opposed to a wide angle scene, that tries to cram everything in a landscape into a single frame. I find it more satisfying to focus in on a specific part of the scene and capture it in ideal light. This more methodical and selective approach, I believe, is more likely to yield results that would look good on a wall.