original emperorI always remembered the original Emperor hologram from the 1980 version of The Empire Strikes Back with a certain fondness. He was eerie and menacing, but not in an over the top kind of way. He was definitely evil, but he had a look of wisdom in his face. When I saw the blue ray re-issue of this classic film, I was devastated to find that this scene had been re-done with Ian McDiarmad, as he appeared in Revenge of the Sith, complete with changed dialogue that left me scratching my head. This poster art was an idea I had to do, as sort of a tribute to the original Emperor hologram, to remind people of this great scene that has been excised from the current version of the film by George Lucas. Another thing that bothered me about the blu-ray version, was that the original voice track for Boba Fett was replaced by dialogue spoken by the Jango Fett actor from Attack of the Clones. What is it with George Lucas and constantly meddling with his classic films? Leave them alone, George! Hopefully in the near future, Disney and Lucasfilm will release a restored version of the unaltered film, because there really was nothing wrong with it.

This was drawn and painted in Photoshop. Drawn on grey background, textured and coloured, then redrawn with highlights before some additional glazing to give the stars and the hologram a bit of a misty look.