Santa Clause The Movie PosterIt’s Christmas time! So, I decided to draw a Santa Claus The Movie poster. The film, starring Dudley Moore, John Lithgow and David Huddleston, is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s one of those goofy 80’s kids films that is almost cringe-worthy in it’s cheesiness, but at the same time there are aspects to it that work well. Despite the film’s shortcomings, it is one of those films from my childhood that evokes a certain amount of nostalgia, and as such I found it a suitable candidate when picking a poster piece to celebrate the festive season.

I had a lot of fun designing the layout and the colours for this; setting the festive reds and greens against the cold dark blues (which I seem to remember being a prominent part of the film’s look). To finish the piece off I included the warm back-light coming through the window, and the glowing stars flowing from the top to the bottom, to guide the viewer down the frame from Santa to the other characters. The poster was over-sprayed with a medium blue to add a bit of a cool tint to the darks, then I added lots of different sized snow flakes to try and push the Christmas feel.