force awakens posterI’m a huge fan of the triptych poster art created by Drew Struzan for 1997’s Star Wars Special Edition, so I decided to try and utilise a similar concept with this The Force Awakens poster art. The trailer for 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released just over a week ago, and I knew I wanted to try and create a poster based on the images shown therein. The teaser trailer gave us a good look at some new heroes and teased a shadowy villain, brandishing a very unique looking lightsaber. Much has been made of the cross guard design of this lightsaber, and some cool poster art has already been done that incorporates it. I decided I wanted to do something a bit different and focus on the heroes. I built my image up out of portraits of the new characters shown, placing them around the Millennium Falcon, which featured triumphantly at the end of the trailer. I think I actually had the most fun drawing the little ball-droid in the bottom left, since it gave me a nice chance to do lots of fun motion lines spinning around the ball to give it a feeling of action.

I thought the trailer was great and I’m really looking forward to The Force Awakens (I can’t believe we have to wait a whole year to see it). The thing I was most pleased with was how tangible it all looked. George Lucas’ prequel trilogy had a very artificial look to everything, in my opinion, because of the amount of digital work he opted to use in those films. For one thing, we saw actual Stormtrooper armour instead of the CG Clone Troopers of the prequels. It’s good to see that the new films are looking like they will try and keep things practical where possible.