Zelda Poster ArtAn idea I had for some Zelda poster art. I’ve always liked the idea of Link standing on a high cliff looking out over the fields of Hyrule towards the distant castle, so I decided to finally draw and paint it. This was a fun project to finish, lots of interesting little details.

As a teenager I was a massive Zelda fan. I waited in line to purchase Ocarina of Time at midnight (despite it being a school night) and feverishly played through the game in the space of a week. I have many fond memories of exploring the magical land of Hyrule, battling monsters and meeting all the different characters. I would go as far as to say this still ranks as my number one all time gaming experience. It was a masterpiece.

Drawn and painted in Photoshop. Drawn in with a black pencil brush on a medium grey background, then textured with a spatter brush. Colour airbrushed in before adding highlights with a colour pencil brush.