Producing a Minecraft Parody

Do you like Minecraft? A lot of people do, including some people who make YouTube videos. I recently had the fun of working with YouTube games caster The Dragon Hat, vocalist Phantaboulous and 3D animator Bartek on the creation of a ‘Minecraft Parody’ of the Imagine Dragons song, Radioactive. The Redstone Active song has been fairly popular with the Minecraft community.

Long Distance Collaboration

Earlier in the year I was put in touch with the team behind this video, who were looking for someone to provide a backing track based on the original song. I produced the track and went on to mix Phantaboulus’ vocal track, which was recorded separately. It was a fun way to work, sending files back and forth over Skype, until we ended up with a finished product. Work on the Redstone Active song was finished some months ago, but the animation and video production naturally took some time to complete, so the video wasn’t released until April.

Redstone Active Song Without Vocals

Here’s the Redstone Active song without vocals. I was told I had somewhat of a free reign as far as sound was concerned, so long as the over all feel of the original song by Imagine Dragons remained intact. I decided to retain the strong emphasis on the kick drum, as that was the integral part of the original song, but I wanted to go with a more layered synth and piano rhythm sound outside of that. Adding in reverb heavy guitars to echo the lead melody and bright jazz bass to lock in with the kick drum seemed to tie it all together nicely.

Get it on iTunes!

Redstone Active is available on iTunes as well as Spotify. Click either of the links below to purchase or stream the song.

iTunes | Spotify


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    • Hi Sean. I’m glad you like the parodies I’ve worked on. I’ve just finished up a couple more which are coming to YouTube in the near future. I’m currently concentrating on my own musical project of finishing up my second LP; so I can’t currently take on any unpaid parody work, or else I’d simply never get the record finished. But once I have more time I may be up for doing more parodies. Thanks again for your interest. I’m really glad you like the songs.

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